Pressure switch for water

Pressure switch / MacPress

MacPress is a regular pressure switch for hidrofor systems with expansion vessel. MacPress must be installed on the pipe, where it can sense the system’s pressure. The device operates between two pressure value: a starting, and a stopping pressure value. When the system’s pressure drops below the pre-set start pressure (by opening a tap), MacPress […]

Pressure switch for water system applications / PM5; PT/5; PM/6; PT/6; PM/12; PT/12

Pressure switch for normal hidrofor system (with expansion vessel). Operates between two pressure value (starting and stopping). When the pressure in the system drops below the starting value, the pressure switch start the pump. As soon as the pressure increase in the system, and reach the stopping value, the pressure switch will shut down the […]

Pressure switch to water pumps with integrated pressure gauge and 3 way fittings / PM/5-3W; PM/5-2W

PM/5-3 W PM/5-2 W This pressure switch is a PM/5 but widen with a housing. The housing contain 3 or 2 threads (see the data sheet) for easy install on the hidrofor system, and a pressure gauge. The operation principle is the same as the PM/5 pressure switch: Operates between two pressure value (starting and stopping). When […]

Pressure switch with SPDT contact

PS pressure switches are for different technological water system control. They are used most in firefight water systems. With the SPDT relay contact, can operate two pump at once: If the electric pump stop by any malfunction, the pressure in the firefight water system will cease. The pressure switch sense the drop, and the SPDT […]

Low pressure switch / LP/3D; LP/3-18

Pressure switch for the protection of water systems (autoclave and fi re-fi ghting systems) and pneumatic systems (control circuits under pressure) The device interrupts the electric connection between the line and the load when the pressure decreases below the established value (stop pressure) In the autoclave systems it is matched in series with a PM/5 […]

Vacuum switch | VC100SW

Vacuum switch, useful for protecting the pump against dry running during draining of basins, tanks or cisterns The switch, which is fi tted on the suction pipe, controls the vacuum generated by the pump The system is activated manually using the start lever which, when lowered, starts the pump running; this action leads to the […]