Pressure switch / MacPress


MacPress is a regular pressure switch for hidrofor systems with expansion vessel.

MacPress must be installed on the pipe, where it can sense the system’s pressure. The device operates between two pressure value: a starting, and a stopping pressure value.

When the system’s pressure drops below the pre-set start pressure (by opening a tap), MacPress sense it, and start the pump. When the water collecting process is over, and we close the tap, the pressure will increase. When the pressure reach the pre-set stopping value, stop the pump.

The housing colors: Blue is one phase, red is three phase

Mounting On pipe
Protection rating IP 44
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ +50°C
Connections 1/4″ F (can be ordered 1/2″ F)
Rated Current 16 (10) and 25 (16) A
Power supply 117 / 230 / 400 V~ 50-60Hz
Approval CE
Dimensions 112 x 105 x 55 mm
Weight 0,37 kg
Modell Line Voltage Factory settings Pressure range
MPM3 One phase 2 – 3 bar 1,5 – 6 bar
MPM6 One phase 4 – 5,5 bar 4 – 10 bar
MPT3 Three phase 2 – 3 bar 1,5 – 6 bar
MPT6 Three phase 4 – 5,5 bar 4 – 10 bar

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