Electronic level regulators

Capacitive electronic sensor / REKA

  Application: Particularly suitable when there is not enough space for the movement of a traditional floating Advantages: For its operation uses a capacitive sensor, integrated in the plastic structure, that makes it suitable for a wide range of liquids. It can be operated by battery or electricity and thanks to an internal relay 10 […]

Multifunctional electroprobe – DB

The DB Electroprobe is intended for use in the sector of level control instruments, opens up a whole new field of multifunctional equipment. Application: in the field of level control instruments, it is a multifunctional device. Advantages: an extremely innovative product which unites a series of functions in a very small space (4 DIN modules): – ON-OFF […]

Adjustable level regulator – EV

Application: Level controller by DIN rail mounting. Advantages: The EV type guarantee the SR type flexibility, the NS type performance and , moreover, it also allows to: – set the relay start time delay 0÷16s – select the filling or emptying function. – request a relay output with 2 change over contacts in 3 DIN […]

Electroprobe for differend conductivity liquids – Elettrosonda Q

Q-SR probe level regulators are for liquids with different conductive (from 1 to 100 kΩ). Perfect solution for various industrial liquids (for example.: vine, liquid soap, milk, soda). Code Product Voltage Relays EC00CR0000 Q SR electroprobe 12/24V 250V 5A relay EQ024R0003 Q SR electroprobe 24V 250V 5A relay EQ220R0003 Q SR electroprobe 230V 250V 5A […]

Hi-tech electronic level controller – SENSOPRESS

Application: Sensopress is a high technology gauge and electronic level regulator that can be used in sandy drinking water, in liquid foodstuffs or, with the use of proper system solutions, in dirty water or corrosive liquids. Advantages: Measurement is made by a very sensitive pressure sensor, whose signal, which is transformed and processed by a microcontroller, is converted […]