Motor protection címkéhez tartozó bejegyzések

Overvoltage protector – 3F


mod. 22 single phase
This device, for motor protection, controls that the drop voltage doesn’t exceed the established value, by turning off the relay when it happens. The relay is delayed to prevent the brief and temporary breaking.

mod. 33 3-phase
This unit is designed to monitor a 3 phase supply, one failure phase and a lowering of power supply.The relay allows the motor start only if there are the above mentioned conditions. The relay is delayed to prevent brief temporary interruptions.

Supply voltage MOD 22. 180-260V ac 50/60 Hz MOD 33. 300-500 V~ 50/60 Hz
Supply Directly from controlled phases
Power consumption 5 VA
Time delay:
from wrong phase sequence  2 sec. max.
from one phase lost 2 sec. max.
Max power rating
a.c. 2500 VA resistive load
a.c. 1875 VA inductive load
d.c. 300 W resistive load
Mechanical life of relay 2 x 106 operations
Electrical life of relay 1 x 105 op. at nominal load /max oper. rate
Max operation rate 30 op./min.
Max operating temperature – 10°C to + 50°C
Operating and storage temperature – 10° C to + 80°C
Weight 116 g
Housing PPO V0
Dimensions H 79mm – W 35mm – L 88mm