Control panels, relays

Overvoltage protector – 3F

mod. 22 single phase This device, for motor protection, controls that the drop voltage doesn’t exceed the established value, by turning off the relay when it happens. The relay is delayed to prevent the brief and temporary breaking. mod. 33 3-phase This unit is designed to monitor a 3 phase supply, one failure phase and a lowering […]

Cosφ Control Panel

Application: piloting and protection of 1 submersible pump, both single and 3-phase. Advantages: Control Panel pilots the pumps and guarantees ammetric protection, that can be regulated. It is also integrated dry running protection through the variation check of pump’s cosφ. Benefits: No need of probes, particularly suitable for applications with deep wells. Auxiliary input for float or pressure […]

Electronic control Panels

Electronic development has introduced new products in several markets, so also in control panels for pumps. Moreover traditional electromechanical control panels have been developed new control panels supplied with electronic boards that integrate all functionalities, usually performed by electromechanical components, in electronic board. These are: – Electronic control panels – Check cosφ control panels All the models are […]

Assemblyng pump control panel – Sequencer

Application: Assemblying Pumps control panels. Thanks to this device, it is possible to realize the control of the traditional autoclave, with the sole addition of the contactor and the thermal protection. Advantages: allows the pilot and exchange of two pumps, has an input for the work pressure switch and one for the emergency pressure switch that makes both […]

Digital Voltage & Current measurer – V-Control; A-Control

Digital current-measurer Digital voltage-measurer The devices can be installed on DIN rails, occupying 3 module place. The measuring thresholds of the devices can be set with microswitches. The values can be easliy read by the big digital display. Digital DC current / voltage measurer with LCD display The display can be read from distance 3 […]