Accessories for level regulating


  Probes are immersed into conductive liquids, and sense the the it’s conductivity. With probes, we can regulate water level. We can connect it to electronic probes, water level indicators. With cable gland, the probe provide a waterproof electronic connection.


Application: This product allows to view the water level present in a storage tank. Advantages: Based on the principle of the probes, The device, powered by a battery, applies a voltage across the wires inserted in the terminal block. These wires are positioned into the tank. Benefits: Easy to install on the wall thanks to […]

Sentinel 2

  Application: Connected to a level controller, allows acoustic signals according to thelevel of the liquid. Advantages: The product is equipped with an output relay with free contacts, to activate an alarm signal at a distance. The relay works only when the device is powered on the network. Benefits: When the level regulator closes the […]

Teflon tape

  Teflon tape is a professional sealing equipment for plumbing system. The benefits are the more effective sealing as hemp, and waste doesn’t arise when working with it. The tape with blue case is for water, and the tape with yellow case is for gas. The size of teflon tape: 12 mm x 0.75 mm The lenght […]

Pressure gauges

Manometer is a pressure gauge installed on the pipe, and measures the liquid’s pressure, and display it’s current value. The liquid filled gauges can measure low viscosity, non crsytalize liquids and gases. The gauges are not certified. Product N° Housing material Diameter Connection Pressure threshold A22-3IT ABS plastic 50 mm lower mount 1/4″ 0 – 10 bar A22-3CW […]

Filters ACL

  When the cable connection between the pump and variable frequency driver (common in submersible pumps) exceed 10 m, capacitive effect can be occur. This effect can damage the pump, and affect it’s work. We recommend ACL filters to eliminate these effects. Filters are available for single- phase and three-phase pumps with different currents. Mounting […]

Probe holder

Probe holder for 3 probes. Connections: d = 6 mm

Piggy back plug | SPIN

All MAC3 level regulators may be equipped with a piggy back plug. The piggy back plug is connected to the power supply and receives the plug of the pump. So that the pump power is controlled by the floating.  

Counterweight for float switch

With counterweight, we can adjust manually the maximum and the minimum regularization level of the liquid contain the float switch. The distance between top of the float switch and the counterweight will be half as the distance between max and min level. Counterweight sizes:-standard: 200 gr-orderable: 400 gr