Aquasystem vessels

Aquasystem horizontal hidrofor expansion vessel | VAO

Horizontal pressure tank with repalcable membrane for sanitary water Working temperature: -10 °C ÷ 100 °C Color: RAL5015 Rubber membrane: EPDM Maximum working pressure: 10 bar Standard pre-charge pressure: 1.5 bar

Aquasystem veritcal hidrofor expansion vessel | VAV

Vertical, closed hidrofor vessel for usable water Usage: For cold and hot usable water to pressure holder (hidrofor vessel). Standardized pre-set pressure: 50 – 150 l 1.5 bar 200 – 500 l 2 bar 750 – 5000 l 4 bar Maximum pressure: 10 bar Operation temperature: 50 – 1500 l -10 °C ÷ 100 °C […]

Aquasystem expansion vessel for heating system | VR

Usage: For heating system Standard pre-charge value: 1.5 bar Max. pressure: 8 bar Operation temperature: -10 °C ÷ 100 °C Membrane: EPDM DIN4807 Color: RAL3000 epoxy red

Aquasystem solar and multifunctional expansion vessels | VS; AR

Close system expansion vessels with membrane (AR). Usage: expansion vessel for drink and usage water Standard pre-charge value: 1.5 bar (2 l > 3 bar). Max pressure: 10 bar Operating temperature: -10 °C ÷ 100 °C Membrane: repalceable EPDM DIN4807 Color: RAL9010 white Closed solar expansion vessels (VS) Used for solar systems. Standard pre-charge valeu: […]

Aquasystem air feeder

Air feeders guarantee the maintenance of the air cushion in the pressure tank Operation principle Air feeder draw