Pressure switch to water pumps with integrated pressure gauge and 3 way fittings / PM/5-3W; PM/5-2W


PM/5-3 WPM5-2

PM/5-2 W

This pressure switch is a PM/5 but widen with a housing. The housing contain 3 or 2 threads (see the data sheet) for easy install on the hidrofor system, and a pressure gauge.

The operation principle is the same as the PM/5 pressure switch:

Operates between two pressure value (starting and stopping). When the pressure in the system drops below the starting value, the pressure switch start the pump. As soon as the pressure increase in the system, and reach the stopping value, the pressure switch will shut down the pump.

PM/5-3W PM/5-2W
Pressure range 1 – 5 bar 1.5 – 5.5 bar
Factory settings 1.4 – 2.8 bar 1.8 – 3 bar
Min. differental 0.6 bar 0.8 bar
Max. differentak 2.3 bar 2.2 bar
Rated current 16 (10) A 16 (10) A
Rated voltage 250 V 250 V
Connections 1″ Male 1/4″ Male
1″ Female 1″ Female
1″ Female
Pressure gauge Ø 40 mm 0-6 bar / 0-86 PSI Ø 40 mm 0-6 bar / 0-86 PSI

In case of direct connections (when the MP/5-3 W turn on/off the motor), the motor’s power cannot be higher than 1.1 kW. With an adequacy magnetic switch it can be increased.


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