Float switch

Universal float switch – KEY

Application: It is the most universally used float switch in the world for the automation of pumps and storage tanks. Advantages: Due to its size makes it the most versatile for any application. Benefits: It is highly reliable and can be produced in many variations in accordance with the needs of each client and country. […]

Float switch to small places – SMALL

Application: The most popular onboard drainage pumps. The most widely used by manufacturers of electric pumps that mount directly to the factory on their products. Advantages: Its essential feature is that it has small size and high reliability. Benefits: has a high breaking capacity, with micro-20A. Dual operation for filling and emptying. download catalog here […]

Float switch for oily and sewage water – MAC3

Application: Professional installations and industrial buildings. Any project that requires a high standard of quality and safety Advantages: The first float switch by Mac3, device with double liquid proof chamber for maximum reliability Benefits: Dimensions important to give a bigger buoyancy and its shape which has no edges, for which it is particularly suitable for […]

Float switch for sewage water – MAC5

  Application: It has heavy body, which is also bulky and free of any irregularity, making it ideal for use in sewage water, in industrial waste water with suspended agglomerate residues and in tumultuous water. Advantages: Made with a double liquid proof chamber and counterweight built into the body of the float. Benefits: Available with […]