Level regualtors

Level controller – AGMA 22

Application: Very compact device usually installed onboard sewage pumps. Two versions for clear water (Agma22) and water with debris (AgmaW). Advantages: The level controller Agma 22 is a patented device with magnetic coupling. The micro is placed in an upper chamber completely sealed, which ensures a long life to the device. Benefits: The model Agma […]

Level controller for water with debris – AGMA W

The Agma W level regulator is a very useful instrument when used directly on pumps which must work in very small wells, for which the common float switch would not have enough room to work. The switching mechanism is inherited by Agma 22 and is magnetic. This device is usable even in the presence of debris in the […]

Mechanic level regulator – QuickStop

Application: Patented hydraulic regulator that eliminates the classic defects of such devices. Especially suitable for filling storage tanks or cisterns. Advantages: The working mechanism is patented, the jointed arm allows the opening and closing instantly by ensuring a high flow and avoiding dripping water. Operating principle: With the loweing and rising of the liquid level, the […]