Alarms, displays

Pressure gauges for water and air / A 22

Pressure gauges used for water and air pressure measuring. These pressure gauges are not certificated. Operating ambient temperature: from -20°C to +50°C Type Case Dimension Connection Pressure range (bar) A 22 – 3IT ABS 50 mm 1/4″ bottom 0…2.5 – 0…40 A 32 – 3IT ABS 63 mm 1/4″ bottom 0…2.5 – 0…40 E 35 […]

Buzzer alarm / Sentinel 2

Application: Connected to a level controller, allows acoustic signals according to the level of the liquid. Advantages: The product is equipped with an output relay with free contacts, to activate an alarm signal at a distance. The relay works only when the device is powered on the network. Benefits: When the level reulator closes the […]

Electronic Level Monitor / MacNivel

Application: This product allows to view the water level present in a storage tank. Advantages: Based on the principle of the probes, The device, powered by a battery, applies a voltage across the wires inserted in the terminal block. These wires are positioned into the tank. Benefits: Easy to install on the wall thanks to […]