Low pressure switch / LP/3D; LP/3-18


  • Pressure switch for the protection of water systems (autoclave and fi re-fi ghting systems) and pneumatic systems (control circuits under pressure)
  • The device interrupts the electric connection between the line and the load when the pressure decreases below the established value (stop pressure)
  • In the autoclave systems it is matched in series with a PM/5 pressure switch in order to protect the electric pump from dry running
  • The reset is automatic when the pressure becomes again higher than the start value or when pressing the reset button
  • Double electric contact: normally open, made of brass alloy with Ag-Ni surfacing
  • Terminals with M4 screws and 8×8 mm pressure dice
  • NBR rubber membrane with food grade textile insert
  • ¼” F hydraulic connection made of galvanised steel
  • Standard protection degree IP 44
  • Max ambient temperature: 55°C
  • Tear resistant cable clamps


The pressure of the watercolum within the pipes cannot be greater than the stop pressure.

LP/3 LP/3 – 18
Cut-out (pump stop) pressure 0.05 – 0.4 bar 0.5 – 2 bar
Cut-in (pump start) pressure 0.4 – 0.75 bar 0.95 – 2.6 bar
Factory settings 0.1 – 0.5 bar 0.5 – 0.95 bar
Rated current  16 (10) A 16 (10) A
Rated voltage 250 V 250 V


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