Level controller – AGMA 22

Agma 22 magnetic level regulator

Application: Very compact device usually installed onboard sewage pumps. Two
versions for clear water (Agma22) and water with debris (AgmaW).
Advantages: The level controller Agma 22 is a patented device with magnetic
coupling. The micro is placed in an upper chamber completely sealed, which ensures
a long life to the device.
Benefits: The model Agma 22 is also available with flame-retardant cables; the model
AgmaW allows the adjustment of the levels of intervention. If it is not possible to use a
floating tilting, AgmaW can also be used in the presence of waste water in compliance
with a periodical verification and cleaning of the mechanisms of buoyancy

Microswitch electrical features 20(8)A 250 V~
Approval ENEC/CE (mod. B) CE
Service Countinous
Differential switching 7 – 8 cm
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ + 50°C
Storage temperature -10°C ÷ +60°C 
Protection rating IP 68
Max pressure use 0,5 bar
Dimensions 37 x 100 x 226,5 mm
Weight 300 g
Container Non-toxic polypropilene
Colouring Non Toxic
Standard cable H07RN-F 3G1 (mod. B)
H07RN-F 2X1 (mod. B) 
2×1 PVC flame resistant (mod. A) 
3×1 PVC flame resistant (mod. A) 


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