Float switch for sewage water – MAC5

float switch to waste water mac 5robbanasbiztos-uszokapcsolo-max5-atex


Application: It has heavy body, which is also bulky and free of any irregularity, making
it ideal for use in sewage water, in industrial waste water with suspended agglomerate
residues and in tumultuous water.
Advantages: Made with a double liquid proof chamber and counterweight built into the
body of the float.
Benefits: Available with switch angle standard +/-10° and also with a wider one.


Thanks to the round-shaped and big bulk floater, MAC5 expressly used for regulating waste water level. Can be installed with counterweight or whitout.


  • Reliable PP covered switch
  • Double walled closed plasic body
  • Microswitch output
  • Direct pump connection
  • Settable switch


  • Factory and common waste water
  • Filling vessels, swimming pools
  • For drinkwater
  • Filling / dumping

The classification of the ATEX version is: II 3G Ex nC IIC T6 Gc

Microswitch electrical features 10 (3) A 250 V ~
Approval ENEC / CE
Operating temperature 0 °C – 50 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C – 60 °C
Protection rating IP 68
Switch angle ± 45° or ± 10°
Dimensions 117 x 222 mm (Ø x h)
Weight 1100 g
Volume 1000 cm3
Max. depth level 2 bar
Non toxic polypropilene (PP)
Colouring Non toxic
Standard cables PVC 3X1
Neopren 3G1
Neopren 3X1


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