Adjustable level regulator – EV


Application: Level controller by DIN rail mounting.

Advantages: The EV type guarantee the SR type flexibility, the NS type performance
and , moreover, it also allows to:
– set the relay start time delay 0÷16s
– select the filling or emptying function.
– request a relay output with 2 change over contacts in 3 DIN rail version.

Benefits: High tech device with micro controller, beside adjustable sensitivity, permits
to set a relay start delay and has multivoltage power supply version.

Operation principle: sense the condutcion of the liquids with the probes. The deepest probe is the common, the two are the max and min. level switcher. The length of the cable of the probe can be 1000 m. When the 3 probes sink into the liquid, an inner relay activates within the Q2 EV. With the decrease of the liquid level, the device will close the relay.

Power supply  24 – 117 – 230 – 380-415 V~ 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Inter electrode voltages 10 V~
Consumption  Max 4 VA
Operating resistance 0 ÷ 100 KΩ
Relase resistance  > 20 KΩ
Mounting on DIN rail
Contact rating  250V 5(2)A
Dielectric strenght 2000 V
Response time 100 ms
Adjustable start time delay 0 – 16 sec
Operating temperature – 10°C ÷ + 50 °C
Storage temperature – 20°C ÷ + 80 °C
Housing box Noryl (PPO) UL 94 V0
Protection rating IP20
Approval CE
Dimensions 90x54x59 mm
Weight 200 gr.
Max cable leght of probes 1000 meter


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