Electronic control Panels


Electronic development has introduced new products in several markets, so also in control panels for pumps.
Moreover traditional electromechanical control panels have been developed new control panels supplied with electronic boards that integrate all functionalities, usually performed by electromechanical components, in electronic board.
These are:
– Electronic control panels
– Check cosφ control panels
All the models are available for single and three phase pumps.

Application: Control panels for 1 pump: both single and 3-phase, only boosting version. Control Panel for 2 pumps: both single and 3-phase, multifunction. Function mode settable for boosting, sewage and storage.
Advantages: Available for Europe (230/380V 50Hz) and America (115/230V 60Hz). American Version, for 2 pumps is dual voltage. Multi voltage power supply and an additional input for storage function. It can be supplied 115/230V 60Hz only electronic board with front panel or pre-wired in a plastic box.
Benefits: Control Panel runs the pumps and guarantees ammetric protection that can be regulated directly on electronic board, by the installer. The automatic start is driven by the inputs of the floats or pressure switch. The Exchange of the pumps is integrated and in case of need are activated both pumps.


Sewage: input for 4 level regulators for managing boosting and sewage systems. Identification of minimum and maximum level for1 pump, maximum level for assistance of second pump, alarm level.
Boosting: input level for 1 level regulators or 3 probes (1 common + 2 levels) and 3 pressure switches. Identification of minimum and maximum level of tank, start, emergency and alarm pressure switches.
Storage: input for 2 level regulators (1 for European version) or 3 probes (1 common + 2 levels). Identification of minimum and maximum level for cistern1 (only minimum level for European version) and minimum and maximum level for cirsten2.

Power supply:
single – phase 230V±20% 50-60Hz
3 – phase 380V±10% 50 o 60Hz
Range current:
2-18A (single phase)
0,8-14A (trifase – 3phase)
Motor protection Ammetric
Fashing led
Buttons for Automatic – off -manual
Inputs Pressure switch or floating
Approval CE
Protection rating IP55
Operating temperature – 5°C ÷ + 40 °C
Storage temperature – 20°C ÷ + 80 °C
Housing box thermoplastic
19x9x24 cm (single phase)
22x12x30 cm (three phase)
1,6 kg (single phase)
2,5 kg (three phase)
Other features:
Trimmer to regulate probes sensitivity from 0- 100Kohm (only mod. 1 pump)
Trimmer to regulate current max
General disconecting switch with door lock
Output with cable holder
Contactor (3-phase model)
Auxiliary circuit protection fuse


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