Inverter for one phase electric pump control / Sirio Entry



Sirio Entry and Sirio Entry XP are pump controls with inverter technology. That means, they control the speed rive of the pump with adjusting the frequency. With the help of the inverters, we can hold the pressure constant in the system.

Moreover Sirio Entry and Sirio Entry XP protect the pump from dry running, over current, water hammers, breakaway from starting current. Contains a digital display for the necessary infromations (current, pressure, etc…) and the buttons help in the settings of the parameters.

Sirio Entry and Sirio Entry XP must be install on the pipe, according to the water flow in any position. When the pump stop due to a malfunction, Sirio Entry and Sirio Entry XP will restart automatic, according to the pre set values of the restart. A perfect solution to automatize the hidrofor system, and protect the pump.

Power mains supply: 230 V~ ±10% 50/60Hz single phase
Motor power output: 220 V~ single phase
Max. motor power: Sirio Entry :1500 W / Sirio Entry XP: 1800 W
Max. line absorption: Sirio Entry: 12A @ 230 V~ / Sirio Entry XP: 16A @ 230 V~
Max allowed pressure 8 bar
Max fluid temperature: 50 °C
Pressure drop: 0,1 bar at 150 l/min
Set point adjustement range: 1,5 – 7 bar
Start pressure adjustment range: 1 – 6,7 bar
Hydraulic connection: 1″ ¼ male
Frequency modulation range: 25 – 50 Hz
Protection degree: IP X5


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