Electronic flow switch / SPIN

SPIN electronic flow switch

Spin is a pump protector agains dry running, and can control the pump’s start and stop operations, according to the water flow.

On start-up, the device activates the electric pump and keeps it in operation, provided a specific water flow is present in the pipeline. When the flow in the pipeline falls to zero, a timer is activated which delays shutdown of the pump after a time interval settable in the device. The pump is also started up when the valve inside the device is activated by a spontaneous transit of water (for example under gravity when water is collected from a higher position).

Available with SCHUKO socket and pre-fitted electric cables.

Power Supply 115-230 Vac ±10% 50/60Hz
Min. detectable current 1A*
Max. rated current 12 A
Max. allowable pressure 10 bar
Min. flow rate 2,4 l / min
Protection rating IP44 – IP65 (whit socket and cable)
Max fluid temperature: 55 °C
Max. ambient temperature 55 °C

*ATTENTION: the pump will not be stopped if the absorbed current is below 1A!


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