Electronic device for electric pump control / Brio Top


Single phase pump motor (up to 16 A / 2,2 kW) control device with 2 operation principle. Can replace the traditional hidrofor system (no need to use pressure switch, pressure gauge, hidrofor tank) thanks to the digital display and the pressure and flow sense.

Brio Top can protect the pump from dry running, over current, freeze, and overpressure. Must be installed on the pipe according to the water flow direction.

Brio Top can restart the pump automatically according to the restart parameters.

Brio Top is programmable to operate on the basis of two different principles:

  • mode P+F (pressure + flow) = in this mode, the pump is started up following a fall in pressure, when the minimum set threshold is reached (Pmin); the pump operates until the water supply runs out and there is zero flow through the device. In this condition the resulting pressure in the system will correspond to the maximum pump head 22
  • mode P+P (pressure + pressure) = in this mode the pump operating mode is controlled within two pressure levels (Pmin & Pmax); when the lower pressure threshold is reached (Pmin) the pump is started up, while it is stopped when the upper pressure threshold (Pmax) is reached. In this configuration, the use of an expansion vessel is essential, sized according to the system requirements and type of pump. In both operating modes, the device protects the pump from dry running in the absence of water on intake, by means of a combined control on flow and pressure. It is necessary to install a hidrofor expansion vessel to the system in this mode.

Operation of twin pumping units is admissible only in “P+P” mode.

Power Supply: 115 – 230 V~ ±10% 50/60Hz
Max. rated current: 16 A
Start pressure adjustment range: 0,5-8,0 bar
Max allowed pressure: 10 bar
Protection degree: IP 65
Max fluid temperature: 30 °C
Max. ambient temperature: 35 °C


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