Electronic device for electric pump control / Brio 2000 – MT



The Brio 2000 – MT electric pump control automates the pump start and stop functions, protects agains dry running. The device requires minimum maintenance. With the usage of Brio 2000 MT, the standard hidrofor system can be modernise; the hidrofor expansion vessel and the pressure switch can be replaced by Brio 2000 – MT.

As soon as the pressure drop occurs, and the pressure drop in the value of the startup pressure has been reached, the Brio 2000 – MT automatically activates the pump. As soon as the flow stops in the system, Brio 2000 – MT sense it, and stop the pump automatically.

Brio 2000 – MT protect the pump against dry running. The factory setting can be set to a desired value.

Power Supply: 115 – 230 V~ ±10% 50/60Hz
Max. rated current: 12 A
Start pressure adjustment range: 1 – 3,5 bar
Max allowed pressure: 10 bar
Protection degree: IP 65
Max fluid temperature: 55 °C
Max. ambient temperature: 55 °C


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