Electromagnetic interference filter / EMI filter


An electrical supply cable between an asynchronous motor (pump motor) and a VFD creates capacitive effect, when the cable is longer than 10 meter (often occur in submersible pumps). That effect can ruin the windings of the motor, and occur malfunctions. With an EMI filter, the cable can be goes up to 80 meter. The filter must be installed between the motor and the VFD.


Mounting position Any
Protection rating IP 20
Operational temperature 0 °C – 50 °C
Approval CE
Material Galvanized steel
Product Power supply Current consumption Cooling
ACLM \900600010 1 x 220 V~ 10 A  
ACLM \900600011 1 x 220 V~ 10 A x
ACLT \900600005 3 x 400 / 220 V~ 10 A  
ACLT \900600006 3 x 400 / 220 V~ 10 A x
ACLT \900600013 3 x 400 / 220 V~ 16 A  




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