Electric pump voltage switch / Mito

Voltage switch pump control Mito

Mito is an AC/AC chopper driver for single phase electric pumps. The device was designed to domestic usage, where the where supply demands are medium-short term and generally timed over the space of one day.

Mito regulate the tension of the pump, and holding the pressure to a constant value in the system. Furthermore protects the pump from dry running, and with the relays, we can install an alarm system, or connect float, or pressure switches to the device.

The pump is initially started at maximum speed and is then progressively adjusted depending on the flow required. In this way, output pressure is supplied at a constant rate for greater comfort.

Pressure is regulated for a maximum time interval (settable in the parameter “Cool mode” from 5 to 30 minutes according to the type of pump), during which supply demand should expire. When this period elapses, if the demand for water supply persists, the pump motor is set to maximum speed to avoid overheating, caused by reduced ventilation. On closure of all supply points, pump shutdown and consequent cooling of the motor enables reset of the regulation time for the next pump start-up cycle, in relation to the pause time and operation time (one minute shutdown corresponds to one minute of regulation in the next cycle).

Power mains supply: 230 V~ ±10% 50/60Hz single phase
Motor power output: 230 V~ single phase
Max. motor power: 750 W
Max. line absorption: 6 A @ 230 V~
Max allowed pressure 8 bar
Max fluid temperature: 30 °C
Pressure drop: 0,7 bar at 150 l/min
Set point adjustement range: 1,5 – 5 bar
Start pressure adjustment range: 1 – 6,7 bar
Hydraulic connection: 1″ ¼ male – male
Voltage modulation range: 230÷170 V
Protection degree: IP 65


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